Adding a Chat Widget - Resource Center

I want our users to access our support chat widget via the Userpilot resource center.

In order to do this, you will go to the resource center settings located in your Userpilot dashboard. Create a module using Custom Javascript. Then add the appropriate JS Code from your chat widget to the module settings. Don’t forget to fill in your header and description labels and click add module.

I am interested in providing my users with some helpful video tutorials they can access via the resource center.

The best way to accomplish this goal is by embedding the videos in a Userpilot modal which you can store in the resource center. To learn how to embed a video in your modal check out this post.

Once you have your modal built, go to your resource center settings. Under the Content tab, click the pink add new module button, select Userpilot content, and an experience. Then select your video modal, fill out your descriptions and preferred settings and click the add experience button.