New User Onboarding

New User Onboarding can be a daunting task. How do you ensure your new users receive the value you know your service can provide them?

Here are 3 key tips we recommend when it comes to New User Onboarding:

  1. Onboarding is an ongoing process. Try not to overwhelm your users with too much right at the outset. — Think marathon, not a sprint.

  2. Keep the process simple. I don’t know about you but I am EXTREMELY impatient. By making your experiences short and easy to digest you are less likely to lose users like me.

  3. Understand how to use Userpilot to your benefit. Userpilot is not a replacement for a great UX. Think of it more as a tool that can enhance the experience and streamline the user’s journey.

Hey folks! Any success stories improving User Activation with Userpilot? :slight_smile: I’d love to chat (and feature your success story in our newsletter/ on the blog!)