Tool Tips vs. Driven Actions - Am I Seeing Double?

At first glance, a ToolTip and a Driven Action may look the same. So how do we know when to use one versus the other?

  • Tooltip - Extremely helpful for product tours and great at grabbing the user’s attention.

  • Driven Action - Focuses the user’s attention on a specific element to encourage or “drive” them to complete an action such as a click or a text input.


A Tooltip automatically has a button included in the box. It will not move to the next step in the experience unless the user clicks the button.

A Driven Action does not have a button included in the box (unless you add it). In order to go to the next step from a Driven Action, the user simply needs to complete the task it is asking them to do.

Pro-Tip: Deciding which tool to use.

Just remember, Tooltips are stubborn and will not leave until you hit that button and force them to move on. Whereas, a Driven Action is ready to go as soon as you complete the action it is calling you to complete.