Triggering Checklists

I am interested in triggering my initial onboarding checklist directly from my welcome modal.

You can use the script included under Trigger Manually in the Frequency settings of your Checklist to do this.

  1. Grab the script for your checklist via the Trigger Manually setting. (Note: you will not need the from the beginning and end.)

  2. Head to your Welcome Modal. Click in to edit the button. Select Trigger Javascript Function, plug in your script, and click ‘link’.

  3. Finally, don’t forget to publish!

Heya! Couple of questions on the checklist. We currently have on experience live on a specific page. This is attached to a checklist for it. So we want to do:

  1. We want to have the checklist permanently there. This is for the short term and is only a checklist of one experience
  2. Want to remove the Dismiss Checklist options

Any help on how to achieve this would be great! Have looked in the system and found this hard to do.

Would resource centre entry be better suited? Just keen to find out best way moving forward if we cannot achieve the two requests

Hi Guy! It’s easy to prevent your users from prematurely dismissing the checklist- all you have to do is delete the text from that field within the settings, and they won’t have an option to dismiss:

Unfortunately once the checklist is completed by your user, they will have the option to dismiss the checklist.

Good news is, if you put the checklist into your resource center, you have the option to have it stay there permanently, even if the user does complete the checklist:

You can also consider having the experience in the resource center without the checklist. But, that’s a stylistic choice!

Hope this helps!