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Hi there! We’re going to be rolling out UserPilot very soon and we’re super excited. Does anyone have any recommendations on tips or mistakes they have made that they recommend we avoid? Any general feedback appreciated.

Hey there!

Some tips from the pros:

  1. Be aware of the choice between tooltips and driven actions! They look very similar, but any time you need your user to take any action all all, especially clicks, you’ll want to use a driven action. Otherwise, your flow may not function as expected and result in poor UX.

  2. Try to break your experiences up. Focus on one behavior at a time. You can link these individual experiences together to give the user a cohesive flow, but creating smaller, goal-oriented experiences helps loads in not overwhelming you as the architect.

  3. When driving your users from one page to another, try to keep it a silent redirect- this means the user clicks something that navigates them somewhere- this is the simplest and most reliable way to create page changes. Also, you might want to use the (host name) attribute in place of your site domain- this will simplify any domain changes for your content later on.

  4. Come up with a naming convention for your experiences early on. This should be reflective of your personal organizational style, or agreed upon across all team members. You’ll soon have many experiences, and you’ll want a simple, efficient way to skim through them. Also, make use of the category feature. That way, you can simply select a category to view the experience you’re looking for quickly.

Hope this helps!