Understanding Your User - Experience Analytics

I want to know more about when my users are viewing a specific experience.

You can head over to your Experiences page on your Userpilot Dashboard and right click on the experience. Then select Analytics.


On this page, you will find data regarding the number of users who have seen the experiences, the completion rate, and the goal completion if you have set it to coordinate with one of your goals.

Using the Data on the Analytics Page to Increase User Engagement
The Step by Step Completion breakdown on your analytics page can help you better understand your users. Are your completion rates low for an experience? This section can help you understand at which step you are losing your users.

Interested in further analysis?
You can also click the pink Export button on the top right of the analytics page. In the CSV file, one of the columns is labeled “Seen on” and contains the dates on when the experience was seen.