Userpilot Goals

Goal-oriented Onboarding

Goals are used to specify if the user achieved the intended purpose of the experience, for example creating a campaign or adding team members.

Best Practices
Take some time to put together your onboarding goals before you start building with Userpilot.

For example, if your goal is to grow the number of users who upgrade to a Pro account, then create experiences that will help your user recognize the value in upgrading. You can use the publishing settings of each experience to tie it to the specific goal, and you can even set it to trigger until the goal is met.

A Creative Way to Tag - Defining a Goal

  • Identify one of the main goals you have for your user.
  • Create a Feature Tag on a coordinated task.
  • Use that feature tag to define a goal on the Userpilot Dashboard that measures the impact of your in-experiences on user behavior.

To learn more about Feature Tags check out this other post!

I like to think of the “goals” section as a way of bringing your hopes and wishes for your product to life. To get started, think of the over-arching objectives that you have for your users (if you can think of these in terms of user roles-even better!) and then use the filters to bring these ideas to fruition.

Remember, using data coming from your product is always best, so I encourage you to try and utilize user attributes and/or custom events to define the behaviors you want to see happen. Once you have those, you can use as many conditions as you need to define the goal. Look at this example:

You can see here, I want all my new (less than 15 days on the platform) paying users to add contacts on their dashboard.
Now, this goal can exist on its own- I can track it and see progress completely independently of any Userpilot experiences. But, of course, it is more powerful to add this goal to an experience that will help you accomplish it!

I’m really interested in how you guys are defining your goals. Are you thinking in terms of initial onboarding, or do you have defined goals for advanced users, too?